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Automate Your
Packaging Operations
With Cohesive Single Face
For Maximum Padding & Protection

Pack & Guard® Cohesive Single Face Corrugated
Automated packaging material for maximum padding, protection and rigidity


Pack And Guard® Cohesive Single Face is an ideal packaging material when cushioning and rigidity are necessary to protect your products during shipping and handling. This unique product provides a secure cohesive seal for your product’s protection and may be opened easily with the addition of a tear strip or perforation.

There are several different single face packages that can be created using automated packaging equipment. Read below for the various styles and customization options available.



Single Face Package with Tear Strip

Pack & Guard® Cohesive Single Face
Standard PackageStandard package
3D Package3D Package
Flood PrintedColored Packages
BrandedBrand Your Package
Tear StripTear Strip Package
Reverse WaveExposed Wave Flutes
Hand AppliedHand package
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Combo PackageCombo Pack
Bleach WhiteBleach White Package


- Performs with automated equipment to create up to 30 packages per minute
- Package conforms to contents shape eliminating need for void fill
- Optimizes package weight saving sender money on shipping costs
- Provides more padding than bubble, outstanding corner protection and rigid edge protection
- Customizable to suit your requirements
- Environmentally friendly and recyclable

Package Types

- Standard Package Style: exceptional for low profile items like books, media and parts
- 3D Style Packages: accomodates taller items like shoe boxes or batch packaged goods
- Film/Paper Combo Packages: reveals package contents like industrial parts and supplies
- Exposed Wave Flute: Draw attention and makes your package stand out from the crowd
- Branded Packages: include a printed slogan or graphics to set you apart

Capabilities & Options
WaveXposedExposed Wave Flute Package
Add Tear StripTear Strip For 3D package
Company BrandingBranding
Flood PrintFlood Print
B FluteFlute Profile=1/8" HighB-Flute
E Flute Flute Profile = 1/16" HighE FLute
Wave FluteFlute Profile = 1/16" HighWave Flute
Reinforced Tear Strip Reinforced Tear Strip
Add AdvertisingPrinted Advertising
TransparencyCombo Pack

Surface Guard has the Research and Development Team to customize your package to work with your process and customer requirements. Contact us today and get samples of the customized packages we have worked on for our customers:

Paper Weights: Combine any below standard weights for your app

- 50#

- 70#


- Custom paper weights available


Flute Options

- B Flute

- E Flute

- Wave Flute or Exposed Flute (WaveXposed)


Easy Open Package Options

- Perforations or Tear Strip

- Reinforced Tear Strip

- Uncoated edge



- Flood Printed/ Solid colors available

- Up to 2 color printing available


Paper Types

- Standard Grades

- Extensible Grades

- 100% Recyclable Grades

- Bleached White and White Top Grades

Markets & Applications
ShirtsShirt Packaging
Plastic ExtrusionsPlastic
Health & BeautyBeauty products
Print & Promo ItemsPromo items
Internet RetailRetail
Outdoor GearOutdoor Gear fulfillment
Industrial PartsParts packages

Pack & Guard® Cohesive Single Face is used in markets around the world to ship and protect a whole gambit of items. Switching to Pack & Guard® Cohesive Single Face and Automated Packaging equipment can decrease your overall packaging costs and increase productivity within your fulfillment operations. Single Face is a strong, corrugated material that is used to package goods for shipping and protecting. Integrating Pack & Guard® Cohesive Single Face allows you to package up to 30 packages per minute. Now that is truly thinking outside the box!

Below is an example list of items that our customers package with Pack & Guard® Single Face. Contact us to find out if automating is right for you. Click here for a sample package.






Window Blinds




Product Samples



Automotive Spare Parts


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