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Automate With Cohesive Paper
To Create An
Instant Envelope

Pack & Guard® Cohesive Paper
The ultimate instant envelope


Pack & Guard® Cohesive Paper is an economical and easy to use material that forms an enclosure to provide protection from dust and dirt where cushioning is not necessary. It is like using an envelope but is customizable in size, color, print and weight. This cost effective material is ideal for containment and abrasion resistant packaging, as well as an excellent product for surface protection applications like furniture, bicycles, etc.



Single Face Package with Tear Strip

Pack & Guard® Cohesive Paper
Bleach Whitebleach white paper package
Combo Paper/Film Combo Pack with Film and Paper
Print Your BrandPrinted Paper Package
Machine Made PackageCohesive Paper Package
Product ProtectionHand Package


- Performs with automated equipment to create up to 30 packages per minute
- Package conforms to contents shape eliminating need for void fill
- Optimizes package weight, saving sender money on shipping costs
- Environmentally friendly and recyclable

- Maximize material per roll enabling fewer roll change overs

Package Types

- Standard Style: exceptional for low profile items like books, media & parts
- Film/Paper Combo Packages: reveals package contents like marketing literature
- Branded Packages: includes printed slogans and graphics to set you apart




Capabilities & Options
Multiple Gradespack & Guard roll options
Combo PackCombo Package
Easy To OpenCohesive Paper Package
2 Color PrintingPrinted Package
BleachBleach White Paper Package

Surface Guard has the Research and Development Team to customize your package to work with your unique process and customer requirements. Contact us for samples of our variety of paper weights and two color printing examples.

Paper Weights

- 50#

- 70#

- 90#

- 100#


Package Options

- Tear Strip

- Reinforced Tear Strip

- Uncoated edge for easy opening



- 2 color printing available

- solid, flood printed colors available


Paper Types

- Standard Grades

- Extensible Grades

- 100% Recyclable Grades

- Bleached White and White Top Grades

Markets & Applications
CDs, DVDs & GamesLinerboard Packaging for DVDs, CDs and Games
Office FurnitureBooks
ClothingShirt Packaging
Direct MailingsCorporate Checks
Health & BeautyBeauty Products
Print & Promo ItemsPromo items
Internet RetailRetail
Outdoor GearOutdoor Gear fulfillment
Industrial PartsParts packages

Pack & Guard® Cohesive Paper is used to ship and protect a range of goods. It is a low cost alternative to linerboard. Switching to Pack & Guard® Cohesive Paper and Automated Packaging equipment can increase productivity in fulfillment operations. Pack & Guard® Paper is also highly effective in hand surface protection applications to quickly wrap a part or item.

Below is an example list of items that our customers package with Pack & Guard® Cohesive Paper. Contact us to find out if automating is right for you. Click here for a sample package.




Residential/ commercial trim

Crown molding & profiles

CDs, DVDs & Videos

Mail orders

Direct mailings

Automotive parts

Furniture protection




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