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Pack & Guard® Cohesive Products
Automate Packaging To Increase Productivity


How much could your sales increase if you were able to consistently prepare up to 30 packages per minute for shipment?

Our Pack and Guard® line of cohesive materials (aka: cold seal) is manufactured to provide you with a lower cost solution to increase packaging throughput. In addition, you have the ability to customize the package to be yours with color, style and printing. These pressure sensitive products can eliminate the need for hand packed boxes, cartons, bubble and padded mailers and are used in manual or automated packaging operations.

Click on one of Pack & Guard® Cohesive products below for more information. Want more information on the packaging automation process? Click here.

3rd Party FulfillmentCohesive Single Face
- More protection than bubble wrap!

- Outstanding edge & corner protection

- Add a tear strip for easy opening

- Available in B, E & Wave Flute varieties


Click here to see what types of products can be shipped with Pack & Guard® Single Face

Book SellersCohesive film
- Water and puncture resistant

- Extremely flexible for various product types

- Light weight for possible postage savings


Click here to view all the customization options and items that can be packaged with Pack & Guard® Cohesive Film

Catalog RetailCohesive linerboard
- Extra heavy paper

- Increased rigidity for protection

- Fit more material per roll

- Add a tear strip for easy opening


Click here to see additional advantages of shipping with Pack & Guard® Linerboard

Book Publishersez Returnable Cohesive package
- Perforated for easy opening

- Built in resealable tape for easy returnability

- Available with custom film types & printing


Click here to see all the ways that you can use this customer friendly returnable package

Internet RetailCohesive paper
- Economical packaging & wrapping material

- Protection from dust and dirt

- Standard & specialty paper types


Click here to find out where our customers use Pack & Guard® Cohesive Paper

Carpentry / Cabinetry PartsCohesive polypaper
- Strong combination of film/paper material

- Weather resistent material

- Sleek and premium appeal


Click here and view Surface Guard's unique Pack & Guard® Cohesive Polypaper



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