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Automate With
Cohesive Linerboard For Strength, Rigidity & Fewer Material Change Overs

Pack & Guard® Cohesive Linerboard
Extra heavy paper material for automated packaging


What happens when you are stuck between a rock and a hard place, or in our case stuck between using Pack & Guard® Cohesive Single Face and Pack & Guard® Cohesive Paper for your packaging application?

Surface Guard has the answer with our line of Pack & Guard® Cohesive Linerboard products. The extra heavy paper weight of linerboard provides increased rigidity, corner and surface protection versus standard cohesive papers. Cohesive linerboard is a great product for book or literature packaging as it provides excellent corner protection during shipping and handling. It is the rigidity of the board stock that absorbs the impact force, keeping the corners of your product protected. Contact us for more information and samples today!



Single Face Package with Tear Strip

Pack & Guard® Cohesive Linerboard
Linerboard PackageLinerboard With Tear Strip
Automatic LabelingLinerboard With Label
Print Your BrandColored Packages
Linerboard RollRoll Of Linerboard
Tear StripTear Strip Package


- Performs with all types of automated packaging equipment to package up to 30 packages per minute
- Package conforms to contents shape eliminating need for void fill
- Optimizes package weight saving sender money on shipping costs
- Environmentally friendly and recyclable

- Maximize material per roll enabling fewer roll change overs

Package Types

- Standard Style: exceptional for low profile items like books, media & parts
- Film/Paper Combo Packages: reveals package contents like marketing literature
- Branded Packages: we can print your brand or slogan in up to 2 colors



Capabilities & Options
Print Your BrandColored Packages
Add Tear StripLinerboard With Tear Strip
Automatic LabelingLinerboard With Label
Linerboard RollRoll Of Linerboard
Reinforced Tear StripTear Strip Package

Surface Guard has the Research and Development team and Product Development Team to customize your package to work with your unique process and customer requirements. Contact us for samples of our variety of linerboard paper weights and two color printing examples.

Linerboard Paper Weights

- 30#

- 42#

- 56#

- 69#

Package Options

- Tear Strip

- Reinforced Tear Strip

- Single or Double Perforations

- Uncoated Edge


- 2 color printing available

- Flood Printed/ Solid colors available

- Print your brand, advertizing or instructions!

Markets & Applications
CDs, DVDs & GamesLinerboard Packaging for DVDs, CDs and Games
Marketing LiteratureCatalogs
ShirtsShirt Packaging
Corporate ChecksCorporate Checks
Health & BeautyBeauty Products
Print & Promo ItemsPromo items
Internet RetailRetail
Outdoor GearOutdoor Gear fulfillment
Industrial PartsParts packages

Pack & Guard® Cohesive Linerboard is used in markets around the world to ship and protect a whole gambit of items. Switching to Pack & Guard® Linerboard and Automated Packaging equipment can increase productivity in fulfillment operations allowing you to package up to 30 packages per minute. Linerboard is a strong, paper material that is used to wrap goods for storage or shipping

Below is an example list of items that our customers package with Pack & Guard® Linerboard. Contact us to find out if automating is right for you. Click here for a sample package.








Product Samples


Direct Mail

Gaskets and Seals



Video Games

New/used Books

Business Forms


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