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Safe Travel Begins
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Surface Guard® Protective Film


Transportation Market
Protection For What Gets You There


Planes, Trains & Automobiles is not only a movie, it is a snapshot of three major industries that Surface Guard® Protective Film is used in. From the carpeting in airplanes and cruiselines to the huge windows on trains and RVs, you can be confident that Surface Guard has developed a product with the right adhesive to protect what you need, without leaving residue behind. Read below for a few specific applications that Surface Guard works in.



  • 1-10 mil films available
  • Adhesive systems from 0.08 oz - 35 oz
  • Material can be perforated
  • Widths from 3" to 80"
  • Roll Lengths from 50' to 15,000'
  • 2 Color Printing Available


Metal Application
Featured Video: Marine Components that Surface Guard® Protects

Carpet MaskingCarpet

Surface Guard products are typically used for interior application in the commercial aircraft industry. Common interior applications include:

Aero Carpet Masking

When aircraft are brought in for refurbishing or maintenance, it is a common practice to apply protective film to the newly installed carpet to protect from foot traffic during further maintenance or refurbishing work. 24” by 500' rolls are ideal for this application.These rolls can even be reverse wound for easy application to the carpet.

Surface protection for plastic parts

Examples would be plastic overhead bins, seat back tray tables, and bulkheads. Try our SUR 97 series for multiple plastic surface applications. Surface Guard® Protective Films can be used in the finished aircraft or can be used at the injection molding companies that are making the finished parts.

Polycarbonate, Acrylic and Glass

Surface Guard manufactures a complete line of protective film for Polycarbonate, Acrylic and Glass surfaces. These surfaces are usually coated with anti scratch, anti fog, or UV coatings. For Aerospace, this can translate into window surfaces, as well as optical displays found in the cockpit. Also, consider all the exterior lights found on an airplane. Usually these are all protected after they are manufactured to keep them from being scratched.

Boat ProtectionRailing
Solid Surfacesgranite
Bathroom Surfacesbathrooms
Appliance Partsappliance

Whether it’s your bass boat or an ocean liner, SGI has protective masking solutions to protect against surface damage to your vessel. Common applications include:

Carpet masking

Boats of all sizes need the same TLC as aircraft do to keep them looking good and afloat. Often times, if carpet is being replaced, or refurbish work is taking place around the carpeted areas, Surface Guard’s carpet masking is used to keep the carpet looking new. Paint spills, mud, ect, are all kept off the carpet.

TRY SGI’s SUR Series masking film for various other surface protection ideas:

Wood, Brass, Painted Metals and Copper Railings or other hard to protect materials.Surface Guard can lane coat our adhesive products so that they do not come in contact with these hard to protect surfaces. This lane coating capability offers the ability to wrap the entire railing, thus protecting it, and only adhering the film to the bottom (not visible) part of the railings.
Solid Surfaces – Counter tops made from materials like Granite, Corian, High Pressure Laminate and Marble.

Bathroom Surfaces – Shower stalls, countertops, whirlpool surfaces, tile or VCT floor surfaces.

Appliance Faces or Fronts – either stainless steel, painted metal or plastic.


RV, Camping & Recreations



Snow Sportsmoto
Water Sports


Water Sportsmoto


Protect RVs, campers and other recreational equipment during fabrication, assembly and transit. Surface Guard manufactures protective film with custom adhesive levels for all the different substrates including carpet, furniture, wall panels and kitchen components.

Recreational equipment such as ATV's, Motorcycles and even landscaping equipment like riding lawnmowers often requires surface protection to protect the paint from scratches.

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