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Get Creative
With The Wide Variety of
Single Face Corrugated Options
From Surface Guard!

Specialty Packaging
Use Single Face Corrugated For Specialty Packaging


Okay, so we exhausted a number of the other applications and uses for single face corrugated materials. So what if your application doesn’t fall under retail, decorative, gift, display or industrial packaging?

Well then that is one special application, and we don’t want to forget that. Just as special or unique your application is, we can offer a wide range of special paper grades, types and sizes, as well as, manufacture some unique materials to provide you the performance you require.

We can manufacture A, B, E, Wave or Jumbo flute in standard grades or custom colors to provide you the performance or aesthetics needed. Have a direct mail or media kit you want to stand out from the crowd with? Consider a flood colored wave flute to make your message have impact. Looking to create a presentational folder clean and concise with your brand? Then consider taking E flute material and embossing and foil stamping your logo on it. Or what if it is more functional you are after and have long parts you need to nest and separate? Then consider Jumbo flute with it’s 3/8” flute height, it’s perfect for interleaving or nesting parts for superior protection.



Single Face Package with Tear Strip

Single Face Corrugated As Specialty Packaging
Jumbo Flutebleach white paper package
Corrugated Traysbleach white paper package
Custom Colors Combo Pack with Film and Paper
Media KitsPrinted Paper Package

At Surface Guard we are all about custom manufacturing and creating materials fit to your needs. So whatever special application you have we can provide a whole range of single face corrugated materials designed to provide you the performance, protection or perception you desire. Contact Surface Guard today for more information or samples.


Specific Markets/Applications

Coffee Sleeves

Drink/Beverage Sleeves

Greaseproof trays and partitions

Tin Inserts

Bakery and Confectionary Liners

Direct Mail/Media Kits

Presentation Folders

Interleaving and Partitions