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T-Shirts & Pens to Hats & CD's,

Automation With
Pack & Guard® Cohesive Products
is Ideal For Promotional Items


Promotional Items
Automated Packaging For Promotion Items


If you are hand picking and packaging items into corrugated boxes, polybags or padded mailers, then automated packaging with Pack & Guard® materials could be the labor saving and cost effective solution for you. Automated cohesive packaging is a long established and proven solution to increase productivity, create packaging efficiency and maintain your brand identity.


Reduce labor costs

Increase through put

More efficient packages

Various package styles

Customizeable equipment

ROI in as low as 1 year



Metal Application
Featured Video: Packaging Promo T-Shirts

Product Applications


Promotional Items. We receive them. We give them. They help us remember people and companies and help other people remember us. Yet, they cost money. Quite a bit of money. On top of design and fabrication of your promotional item, you need to spend more money figuring out how to deliver that item and get it into the hands of your market. The Pack & Guard® Automation System may be the cost savings you have been looking for. The flexibility of the material and machine can help you to increase your through put and get packages made fast. Below is an example list of promotional items that can be packaged using this efficient system.



Work Wear


Water bottles

Flash Drives

CD's & DVD's




What item are you going to promo? Contact us and see if the packaging can be automated.

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