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Everything Plastic

Plastics/ Polycarbonate Market
Surface Guard® for injection molded and coated plastics, acrylic & polycarbonate


Plastic. Think for a minute of all the things you own that are made of plastic. It is everywhere in a multitude of shapes, sizes, textures and finishes. Whichever the shape or variety it comes in, one thing is required. Protection! Fortunately, Surface Guard® Protective Film is designed to accommodate each of these variables. Plastic surfaces go through different processing, assembling and finishing all to make the end product. To ensure each plastic surface stays flawless throughout all these rigors, Surface Guard® Protective Films are used to help protect it from scratches, marring and abrasion from processing through shipping.

Below are a just some examples of products within the plastics market that we protect, but be assured that Surface Guard has protective masking grades to fit all your plastic sheet or film protection requirements. Our products can be machine or hand applied and are engineered to meet and exceed your (and your customers') surface protection requirements.



  • 1-10 mil films available
  • Adhesive systems from 0.08 oz - 35 oz
  • Add perforations: 3" min/78" max
  • Widths from 3" to 80"
  • Roll Lengths from 50' to 15,000'
  • 2 Color Printing Available



Engine Cover

Add Ons To Make your Job Easier

Perforated FilmPerforated Film On Rolls

We can perforate protective films in horizontal and vertical directions to allow you to easily tear off your specific sheet size and hand apply to your part or surface

Strip CoatLane or Strip Coating
We can supply finished rolls with uncoated edges, to make the film easier to remove. We can also apply the adhesive in strips leaving uncoated areas. This can make the product easier to remove as well as save you money.

Injection Molded Plastics
Vehicle PartsFender
Displays/MonitorsComputer Monitor
Interior AutomotiveAir Bag Cover
Tools & EquipmentLawnmower
Drawers/ShelvesRefrigerator Drawers and Shelvesm
Bath AppliancesWhirl Pool
RecreationFour Wheeler
Door Panel
Car Door

Do you make parts or finished products using injection molding? Join the customer base that Surface Guard services all across the United States. Our experts will get you the protective solution you are looking for. Below are just a few examples of the injection molded plastic products we protect.

Automotive Interior Parts
Textured door panels
Gloss or matte appliqués
Plastic runner boards

Lens protection (lights)

Misc. injection molded parts/panels

Refrigerator PC plastic clear drawers
Washing machine and dryer plastic clear windows doors
Washing machine, dryer or dishwasher printed control panel face


Home & Yard Equipment
Snow blowers and lawn mowers
Miscellaneous power equipment

Whirlpool, Shower & Tub


Recreational Vehicles
Side panels for ATV's, snowmobiles & jet skis


Flat screen TV stands and frames

Misc. Injection molded parts for electronics

Plastic Sheet And Film
Plastic SheetPlastic Sheet

Looking for surface protection for polycarbonate, acrylic, polyester, PVC, PE or PETG? You are in the right place! Surface Guard manufactures customized surface protection films for both coated and uncoated plastic sheet and film. Coatings we protect include anti-glare, anti-scratch, anti-fog, ITO coated mirror coating, UV coating and more. Surface Guard customizes the adhesion level for varying methods of application, including the use of automatic laminators.

Uncoated, Polycarbonate, Acrylic (Smooth or Glossy)
WIndow replacement
Blast or Bullet resistant Windows
Skylights, Whirlpools (Thermoforming)
Acrylic Display cases

Coated, Polycarbonate, Acrylic
Medical Visors
Ski Goggles


Plasma/ LCD/ LED displays


Optical Films
Optical FilmsOptical Films

If you ever wondered while looking at your Ipad, laptop or cell phone, what goes into making that display so clear, bright and crisp looking, it’s because of the thin films that are used in making the LCD Display.  These films also help reduce the battery consumption, allowing you to use your devices longer before charging up! 
Thin film technology is improving daily and is not only being developed for optical displays but for photovoltaic and other electronic applications.  We’ve briefly summarized several Optical applications that are commonly used in LCD Displays, that we have successfully sold surface protection solutions for:

Prism or Collimating films – These films are engineered films that manage the angle of light that you see from the display or monitor.  They can brighten up your display and save battery power. We have designed several products for these applications.  Call your Surface Guard® sales rep and ask him about our 2mil Polypropylene medium adhesion products.  Our base film is very low gel and is very heat tolerant.


Polarizer Films – These films are usually smooth in finish. They manage light coming from the display found on TVs, computer, etc. They are often used in conjunction with Prism and Reflector films. Surface Guard has custom formulated products that can peel as low as 0.08oz per square inch. Call or click to get a sample.


Reflector Films – These films are also usually smooth in finish and are used to maximize the use of light in the display, reducing battery consumption.  Surface Guard's low adhesion Polypropylene films provide protection and can withstand heating and cooling without curling up.


Note for all these applications, your Surface Guard® rep will ask for substrate samples for us to complete an MEF (Masking Evaluation Form).  We will thoroughly test our masking products under your customer required testing parameters, to make sure our products perform as expected.