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Pack & Guard®Pack & Guard® Cohesive
Packaging Material To
Automate Your Packaging!
Sticks To Itself - Not The Product Inside

Pack & Guard® Markets & Applications
The Complete Packaging Automation Solution


Tired of spending countless hours hand packaging your products? Sick of wasting money on void fill just to get your product to market in the same condition it leaves your building? Pack & Guard® Automated Packaging may be just what you are looking for to speed up the packaging process and save resources. From packaging items the size of a match book to protecting the grill of a semi, Surface Guard is experienced with providing markets with protective packaging solutions.

Below are a list of some of the markets that we currently work in. Customers in each of these markets have found improved quality, reduced labor costs and increased product output by using our products. Click on one of the markets below to find how our customers in these markets have added value to their business with Pack & Guard® Cohesive Packaging (aka: Cold Seal) products.

3rd Party Fulfillment3RD PARTY FULFILLMENT
- Give your operations a boost

- Save your valuable time & money

- Increase throughput during peaks

- Read this section to learn how to automate


Book SellersBOOK SELLERS/ Publishers
- Easily package and ship your books

- Increase order throughput

- Add Scan-Print-Apply labeling

- Offers great corner and edge protection

- Automate catalog & retail fulfillment

- Package and ship various size products

- Lower labor costs

- Increase order throughput

Book PublishersElectronics & Components
- Cords & Cables

- Circuits and panels

- Cell Phones & Gadgets

- Package a variety of products

- Internet sales soaring?

- Keep up by automating fulfillment

- Avoid peek time backlogs

- Read how your competition succeeds

Carpentry / Cabinetry PartsCARPENTRY/CABINETRY PARTS

- Cabinet doors, trim, parts, hardware,etc.

- Switch to automation and reap the benefits

- Easily package your products for protection

- Read how companies use Pack & Guard® Cohesive Products

- Sell Vitamins or Supplements?

- Automate your packaging and fulfillment

- Increase through put and capacity

- Read what process can help you...

Health & BeautyHEALTH & BEAUTY
- Keep up with growing demand

- Easily package and ship products of varying sizes

- Pack & Guard® Single Face offers significant advantages over bubble wrap and boxes


- Get your name in front of customers

- Automate with branded packaging

- Increase efficiency

- Read how it works...

- Replacement parts

- Component kits

- Aftermarket upgrades

Marketing/ LiteratureMARKETING / LITERATURE
- Direct Mailing

- Information packets

- Instruction booklets

- Event flyers

Automotive PartsAUTOMOTIVE/ recreation
- Auto part fulfillment

- Outdoor rec. parts fulfillment

- Part kitting

- Shipping protection

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