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Internet Retail
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More and more consumers are recognizing the benefits of shopping online. Retailers and fulfillment companies are looking for efficient ways to keep up with the growing demand. Customers want to pay less and receive goods faster. Meanwhile, warehouses are expanding and the cost of labor is increasing. As online orders grow, companies cannot rely on the traditional and time consuming fulfillment methods of manually stuffing boxes and mailers. They are turning to automated cohesive packages to increase productivity.


Reduce labor costs

Increase through put

More efficient packages

Various package styles

Customizeable equipment

ROI in as low as 1 year


Metal Application
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Product Applications
PartsParts Packaging
Health Productshealth
DVDs & CDsdvds
Beauty Productsbeauty products

Every year we monitor internet sales figures. Every year they grow, significantly. Internet retail is the retail method of the future that is here to stay. Internet companies increasingly are turning to the Pack & Guard® Automated Cohesive Packaging process to keep up with demand and improve productivity. Pack & Guard® is the packaging fulfillment method of the future and is here to stay. Below is a list of example applications where internet retail companies are using Pack & Guard® Automated Cohesive Packaging.







Beauty Products

CDs, DVDs & Games


Health & Beauty Products

Automotive Parts


Promotional Items

Replacement Parts

Sample Products


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Case Study
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A large internet retailer was looking for a way to cut packaging costs and move toward a more automated system. When they saw the Pack & Guard® Automated System, it was a no brainer! Surface Guard worked with them to identify the most effective package for the majority of the products that they sell and even provided them a custom colored package to help push their brand. Today they use our Pack & Guard® EZ Returnable package to close to 20 packages per minute while providing their customers a package that can be reused in return situations.