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Drop Your Industrial Parts On
The Infeed and Watch The Work
Do Itself.

Now That's The American Dream


Industrial Parts
Thousands of replacement parts; One easy packaging solution


Automation with Pack And Guard® Cohesive Products goes way beyond the D2C Internet Fulfillment market. Cohesive packaging products have long been utilized in the industrial / manufacturing sector. Auto part mfrs, millwork companies, tooling and part mfrs, etc., all use cohesive packaging products.

Cohesive is the fast, efficient and cost saving solution to wrap, protect and even ship goods. Need to protect electronic parts from dust and dirt? Let the machine do it. Does your customer want a sample of your product? Set it on the infeed! Putting together a kit of parts? Keep the small ones together by placing them in the machine's hopper! There are many scenarios where cohesive packaging can benefit you or your customer's operations. Let the machine do the work and all you have to do is watch your products exit as a fully functional package for your kitting, inventory or shipping.


Reduce labor costs

Increase through put

More efficient packages

Various package styles

Customizeable equipment

ROI in as low as 1 year


Metal Application
Featured Video: SP 9000 easily handles plastic extrusions

Product Applications
Wood Trimtrim


Furniture PartsParts
Electronic PartsElectronics
Piping & Tubingpiping
Hand Applicationhand app
Computer Softwarecomputer
Your ProductYours

A variety of Pack & Guard® Cohesive material can be used when packaging industrial products. We manufacture a full line of cohesive packaging material to cover just about any part or application you have. From fluted cohesive corrugated for added padding and proetection to cohesive VCI films for rust prevention of metals, Pack & Guard® Cohesive materials are utilized in a wide range of industrial applications.

Instruction Manuals &  Documents

Computer Software


Home Furnishings

Cabinet Doors, Trim & Molding 

Furniture Parts, Wood Arms/Legs


Appliance Parts, Hoses, Piping & Tubing

Fixtures, Plumbing, Parts 

Outdoor Equipment Parts

Automotive Parts & Accessories

Nuts, Bolts & Fasteners


Agricultural Parts & Components

Tooling Metals

Heavy Machinery Parts


Electronic Components
Wiring, Cables & Cords


Military Parts/Supplies

General Kitting Parts


Your Product  

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