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Electronics & Components
Package and ship your electronic products fast with cohesive materials


It's the digital age and we can't live without instant access to email and the weather app! It seems everyday a new electronic device comes out that changes the way we live. Along with all of these devices and toys comes a whole line up of charging devices, batteries and cases. Pack & Guard® Cohesive Materials can be utilitzed to package up a wide range of electronic goods quickly and securely. Below, watch how cell phones quickly get packaged with the Pack & Guard® Solution.


Reduce labor costs

Increase through put

More efficient packages

Various package styles

Customizeable equipment

ROI in as low as 1 year


Metal Application
Featured Video: Cell phone meets packaging automation

Product Applications
Cell Phones cell phone packaging
Novelty Itemscold seal
2-Way Radiosradio
Computer Partscomputer
Electronic Accessoriescords

Eliminate void fill and packing electronic items by hand. The following is an example list of the different electronic items that can be packaged using Pack & Guard® Cohesive Products and automated equipment. Send in your products to our automation experts and we can show you how the system works with your products in our demo room.

Movies & Music

Games & Software

Books & eReaders

Tablets & iPads & Accessories

MP3 & iPods

Hard Drives & Memory

Electronic Components


Phones & Communications

Car Electronics

Digital Photo Frames

Computer Components

2-Way Radios

Weather, Shortwave Radios & Scanners

Solid State Drives and Memory Cards

Integrated Circuits

Personal Care Electronics

Novelty Items


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