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Single Face Corrugated
Gives Your Display Structure, Uniqueness &
A Cost Effective Display Solution!

POP/POS Displays
Give your P.O.P pop with a one of a kind single face material.


A successful POP/POS display is judged on a number of attributes with one of the most important being attractiveness. In the sea of POP displays at the retail level how can your product display stand out from the crowd? What if I tell you there was a unique yet earth friendly fluted paper that could help you create waves of attention to your display? Consider the one of a kind (and only available from Surface Guard) Wave Flute single face for creating this level of attraction. We can print it and we can color it, all so that you can display it.

How can you create a cost effective and sustainable insert or divider for your POS or on the shelf display? Well look to Surface Guard’s single face corrugated materials for that cost effective material that can be colored, scored, and sheeted all for your quick and simple insertion into your display.



Single Face Package with Tear Strip

Single Face Corrugated for POP/POS applications
Jumbo Flutebleach white paper package
Displaysbleach white paper package
Presentationbleach white paper package
WaveXposedCombo Pack with Film and Paper

Single face corrugated from SGI/SFS is ideal for many POP/POS and display applications whether for a niche new product or for the “Big Brand” shipper on the store’s end cap. At SGI we can manufacture single face corrugated materials in many shapes, sizes and types to provide your POP’s and displays the structural, performance and aesthetic attributes you require.

We can also print our materials (up to 2 color) for branding with your logo or instructions, as we as, printing solid colored single face for building upon your brand image or drawing them in for a closer look. One of our offerings is so unique that you can literally create WAVES of attention to your display by utilizing our Wave Flute single face. Your options are endless with the single face corrugated materials from Surface Guard.


Specific Markets/Applications

Point of Purchase Displays
Point of Sale Displays
Presentational Folders or Packaging
Tray Inserts and Dividers
Litho Laminated Displays
POP Accents