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Single Face Corrugated

The Fluted Packaging Solution
For Your Decorative & Gift
Packaging Needs

Decorative & Gift Packaging
Shout premium with quailty single face packaging material


Do you have a decorative or gift packaging application that calls for a paper medium that is low cost, rigid, recyclable, and eye catching? Then look no further than Wave and E Flute corrugated from Surface guard.

We manufacture a wide range of flute types, colors and grades, but none is more impressive for your decorative applications than Wave and E flute single face. Using the exposed fluting of Wave and E Flute can give your packaging a one of a kind look with a definite “feel appeal” with the fluted patterns on these materials. Add a solid, bold color and/or a 2 color printing of your brand and now you have an outstanding medium to create your decorative or gift package



Single Face Package with Tear Strip

Single Face Corrugated for Decorative Packaging
Gift Boxesbleach white paper package
Decorative Product PackagingCombo Pack with Film and Paper
Gift BagsPrinted Paper Package

Single face corrugated can be converted in many fashions to create all types of decorative, stock or gift packaging from pillow pouches, to pop up boxes, to presentational folders and product wraps. The uses for single face corrugated are as endless as your imagination. Contact Surface Guard for more information or for samples of our various single face materials.


Specific Markets/Applications

Decorative cartons
Gable Top Boxes
Pillow Pack & Pouches
Fluted product wrappers
School decorations
Party decorations
Sample product kits
Holiday packaging
Wine Boxes and Totes
Fold & Glued Boxes
Gift Boxes