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Companies Who
Fulfill Catalog Orders
Use Pack & Guard® & Automation
To Increase Throughput


Catalog Retail
Increase package throughput with our automated packaging solution


Although the internet is taking retail by storm, catalog companies are still finding ways to reach niche audiences and unique market segments. The Pack & Guard® Automated Packaging system can help catalog retail companies fulfill orders placed from their efforts. In addition, These companies can even use Pack & Guard® to send out the catalog or magazine!


Reduce labor costs

Increase through put

More efficient packages

Various package styles

Customizeable equipment

ROI in as low as 1 year


Metal Application
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Product Applications
Industrial Partspart
Electronic Deviceselectronics
Trim and Moldingtrim

Catalog or Magazines

Pack & Guard® offers several advantages over sending out a magazing or catalog unprotected. From a marketing perspective, you can increase the chances that your end user will open the catalog, as opposed to dropping it off at the trash can on the way to the house. From a security stand point, you can conceal your product offering from unwanted viewers. Finally, you can use the Pack & Guard® Automated Packaging system to package and fulfill catalog or magazine orders. We offer a number of equipment & material choices to increase your throughput and improve packaging efficiency. Read a few example applications below.

Catalog or Magazine Order Fulfillment

Clothing & Apparel

Novelty Items


Photo Ablums and Books

Electronic Devices & Accessories

Text Books


Industrial Parts

Window Treatments

Trim & Molding


The list is endless. Contact our Packaging Automation Team to find out more!


Case Study
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When a catalog company was tired of maxing out their shipping budget every year, they looked for a better option. They had been using a white poly bag with full color print for years. The package was expensive and it was even more expensive and time consuming for the employees to hand stuff a catalog in each bag.

Surface Guard helped solve a few problems with this new opportunity. They realized that the extravagant print was very similar to the catalog cover and an easy cost save would be to use a clear, transparent film.


They are now using clear film along with the Pack & Guard® Automated Packaging Solution to cut cost and improve packaging efficiency.