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Whether It's A Replacement Door
or Product Sample

Pack & Guard® Can Package
& Protect It!


Carpentry & Cabinetry
Use Pack & Guard® Cohesive Products to Protect & Ship


Automation with Pack And Guard® Cohesive Products goes way beyond packaging up shirts and consumer goods. Manufacturers of cabinetry, trim, molding and other fine furniture pieces find Pack & Guard® Cohesive packaging extremely effective in protecting their products. In hand applications, Pack & Guard® can be quickly wrapped around a chair arm or leg. Integrated with our Automated System, trim pieces and cabinet doors, etc. can be placed on an infeed and be automatically packaged at a rate of up to 30 per minute. Watch the video below to see how it works.


Reduce labor costs

Increase through put

More efficient packages

Various package styles

Customizeable equipment

ROI in as low as 1 year


Metal Application
Featured Video: Pack & Guard® has no trouble with long trim boards

Product Applications
Trim Piecestrim


Cabinet DoorsCabinet
Chair Armschair arms
Parts & Kitsparts

Send us your products and our Pack & Guard® Experts will package them up for you and show you how your products work within the automated system. Below are a list of example applications where Pack & Guard® can be used.

Cabinet Doors

Trim Pieces

Furniture Samples

Chair arms

Table and Chair Legs

Flooring Samples

Furniture Kits

Parts & Hardware

Handles and Knobs


The list goes on. Click here for some samples.


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