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Use Surface Guard® For the Construction Market

Building & Construction Market
Customized Protective Films For Your Construction Project


Are you constructing a new building? Maybe remodeling your kitchen? Installing a new window? We can help! Surface Guard develops and manufactures protective films with customized adhesive systems to help you save time and money on clean up and damage control. Surface Guard® Protective Films are ideal for new home builders and renovators. Use our protective products to reduce the cost and time associated with repairs and rework before a new homeowner takes possession of a home or to protect during home installs.

Read below for application examples of where Surface Guard® works for customers around the globe.


  • 1-10 mil films available

  • Adhesive systems 0.08oz - 35 oz.

  • Material can be perforated

  • Widths from 3" to 80"

  • Roll Lengths from 50' to 15,000'

  • 2 Color Printing Available

  • Tinted Films Available

  • Strip Coated Films


Construction Applications
Residential and Commercial Market Snapshot

Carpet Protection
Spill ProtectionSpills
Low Profilelowprofile
Area RugsArea

Surface Guard has been making quality 2, 3 and 4 mil carpet masking films since the company started. Try it out and see if you agree that it is the best. Say good bye to adhesive tranfer or light tack! Our product stays down and removes cleanly.

Try reversing the wind! With the adhesive on the outside of the roll, experience how easily you will be able to unroll it on to the carpet. Save your back - use your feet. There are a host of customizable options you can add to make this product unique to you, including printing and perforating.

Remodeling - Protect existing or new carpet from paint splatter, dirt, dust or foot traffic


New Construction - Protection after installation from construction traffic, painting, dry walling work, etc.


Model Homes - Protect high traffic areas during showings and demos


Mobile Homes - Protect during assembly and during long trips


Home Parties - Protect from spills....and your kids!!


HVAC/Plumbing Companies - Protect your customers' carpet by bringing Surface Guard® on your repair or install visits. Print your logo and marketing on the film for company branding!

Hard Surface Flooring Protection
Tile Transitionstile
Tile FloorTile

What about protecting hardwood floors? The Surface Guard® Carpet Product is too aggressive! We can help! Surface Guard develops and manufactures hundreds of products and has one for this specific application. Talk to your sales rep about how we are able to protect surfaces including:

Factory finished wood flooring


Ceramic Tile




VCT tile



Windows & Doors - Glass, Metal, Composite, etc.
Window Maskingwindow masking
Garage Doorsgarage door
Front Doorsfront
Decorative Glassglass

Surface Guard makes a complete line of masking products for window and door protection. Surface Guard® film products are used at window or door manufacturers to protect the products during handling and shipping. It can be left on for protection at the job sites, during installation, painting, stucco work, etc. Leave it on for up to 3 months and it will peel cleanly. Ask your Surface Guard rep about our UV products and adhesive systems designed for outdoor tolerance. Specific Surface Guard® products are designed with a moisture resistant adhesive and are very stable in cold and warm weather conditions. Read on for some of the applications we work on.

Window Manufacturing - Apply to the finished windows or to the painted aluminum or PVC trim. Rolls are custom made to your length and width and can be perforated or printed.


Windows at the jobsite - Apply after window installation on the exteriror or interior of the window to protect during renovations.


Garage Doors - Surface Guard® can withstand the fabrication process of garage doors and can be left on the door until installation.


Storm Doors - Protect curb appeal by ensuring your product is scratch free up until installation.


Sliding Doors - Protect both glass and metal or PVC trim with one product!


Tempered and Polished Glass
Flat Glass
Window Manufacturers

Garage Door manufacturers

Countertop & Solid Surface

Surface Guard makes a complete line of protective film products to protect a variety of countertop surfaces. Surface Guard® can be applied by hand or machine either before fabrication or after the countertop is finished. Applying it before fabrication will protect the countertop from scratches when routing, cutting or drilling is done. Applying it prior to shipping will protect the surface from scratching or marring during transportation.

Surface Guard® Protective Film can remain on the surface until the countertop is installed and can even be left on until painting, grouting, and other finishing work is completed. Keep your surface pristine with Surface Guard®

Cultured Marble
Solid surface countertops
Tubs, Spas and Shower Enclosures

Lab countertops

Wilson art