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Door Panel

Thousands of Parts
Hundreds of Visible Surfaces

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Automotive Market
Surface Guard has the solution to protect the Automotive Industry


Give some thought to all the components in a vehicle and all of the people and machines that touch them in order to manufacture the parts, put together the sub- assemblies and finally put the entire vehicle all together. Now think about when you see a car glistening at the dealership without a scratch to be found on the interior and exterior. Protective films preserve the interior plastics and fabrics during manufacturing. Protective films prevent damage to windshields, paint jobs, and rims during transportation. Protective films protect the cleanliness of the interior at dealerships during test drives and consumer investigation.

Surface Guard® Protective film significantly reduces rejects and rework by eliminating scratches, stains and dirt. Protect the critical areas through out your manufacturing and sales cycles by using Surface Guard’s expertise and broad product line to protect your vehicle, inside and out.



  • 1-10 mil films available
  • Adhesive systems from 0.08 oz - 35 oz
  • Add perforations: 3" min/78" max
  • Widths from 3" to 80"
  • Roll Lengths from 50' to 15,000'
  • 2 Color Printing Available



Appliques & Instrument Panel

Add Ons To Make your Job Easier

Perforated FilmPerforated Film On Rolls

We can perforate protective films in horizontal and vertical directions to allow you to easily tear off your specific sheet size and hand apply to your part or surface



Strip CoatLane or Strip Coating
We can supply finished rolls with uncoated edges, to make the film easier to remove. We can also apply the adhesive in strips leaving uncoated areas. This can make the product easier to remove as well as save you money.

Automotive Interior Applications
KickplatesComputer Monitor
Dash ComponentsAir Bag Cover
Chrome HandlesRefrigerator Drawers and Shelvesm
Steering WheelWhirl Pool
AppliquesFour Wheeler
Airbag CoverSkylights
Door Panel
Car Door

Auto interiors continue to become the showcase of many automobiles. Look around the interior of a vehicle and you will find Class A and other decorative finished parts that are critical to aesthetics of the vehicle. Tier 1 and 2 suppliers, as well as, automotive assembly plants, are looking for ways to maintain these decorative interior surfaces. Surface Guard® Protective Films do just that. Our films are used everyday to protect automotive interiors as they make their way through the assembly plant out to the dealership lots. The graphic below demonstrates the various surfaces around the interior of vehicles in which SGI protective films have been used.

Auto Interior


Additional Interior/Exterior Applications

Outside of interior automotive applications, there are several automotive components visible from outside the vehicle that require surface protection. Use of our protective film for many of these applications are at the injection molder, where the light assemblies are made or on the auto-assembly line itself. Surface Guard® can also be perforated for easy application to the surface.

Protect Automotive Components


Carpet Protection

Surface Guard manufacturers high tack 2 and 3 mil protective films that are perfect for protecting automotive carpets, typically seen with the "Dealer Must Remove" print. Auto carpet films are commonly used by automotive dealerships when used cars are refurbished prior to resale, thus maintaining that "New Car" feel for prospective buyers. "Dealer Must Remove" carpet films will also keep the carpets and mats clean from dirt, salt and grime as long as the car stays on the dealership lot or showroom floor. Surface Guard can perforate and print our product for these applications making installation and product identification easy. Automotive carpet manufacturers also use "Dealer Must Remove" carpet films to protect the carpeting that is installed at the auto assembly plant.

Carpet Masking

Door Panel & Injection Molding

Surface Guard has developed new removable adhesive systems for smooth and textured plastic parts. If you have a Class A plastic surface you need to protect, Surface Guard has your solution. We have created protective films that are used to protect the decorative finished surfaces found throughout the interior of automobiles. The images below illustrates some of the various surfaces that our adhesive films have protected throughout the assembly of automobiles. Our protective films can be converted to die cut sizes making installation a breeze. Ask your SGI sales rep for information regarding die cutting applications. Masking your interior automotive parts will help ensure increased productivity on assembly line floors, as they can eliminate excessive rejected or reworked parts, in turn easing product inspections and improving final customer satisfaction.
Protect Auto Parts