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Protect Appliances
Inside and Out
Through Fabrication and Shipping

Appliance Market
Surface Protection for Doors to Drawers and Handles to Shelves.


Surface Guard has a complete line of adhesive coated masking films for various applications found in the appliance industry. Walk through your favorite appliance retailer and you’ll see a variety of surfaces on washers, dryers, refrigerators, microwaves, ect. that at one time were masked with film to keep them from being scratched during manufacturing and shipment. This market has a few tiers to it.

Call your SGI Sales rep to discuss these applications.


  • 1-10 mil films available
  • Adhesive systems from.08oz - 35 oz
  • Add perforations: 3" min/78" max
  • Widths from 3" to 80"
  • Roll Lengths from 50' to 15,000'
  • 2 Color Printing Available


Metal Application

Outdoor AppliancesGrill
Drawers & ShelvesDrawers
Glass & Acrylicglass
Control Panelscontrols

Refrigerators, Washers, Dryers, Ovens, Microwaves, Dishwashers and many other appliances are masked during the various stages of production. Common substrates such as stainless steel, high gloss painted metal, high gloss injection molded plastic, as well as glass and clear acrylic or polycarbonate are protected with Surface Guard® Protective Film during fabrication.

Stainless Steel and High Gloss Painted Metal - The metal used in appliance applications typically comes with surface protection films already applied to the stainless steel or painted metal.  It is either applied in sheet form (The blank size needed to make the part), or it’s applied roll to roll at a Coil Coater who is coating the high gloss paint.  Surface Guard® Protective Film is custom designed for the specific surface being masked. 


High Gloss Injection Molded Plastic - After the parts are made at the Tier 2 supplier, they are usually masked to protect them during shipment to the appliance assembly line.  Protective film will typically remain on the surface during this step and stay on through assembly and even in the final package for the consumer to purchase.


Glass or Clear Acrylic – Typically the windows for your oven, microwave or washing machines, are masked off much the same way the injection molded parts are.  At the Tier 2 suppliers. The masking film will usually stay on after the parts are assembled and finally make it safely into the consumers hands.


Control panels, touch screens, or faceplates - Visit the Tier 2 suppliers who are fabricating the control panels, touch screens or faceplates.  Surface Guard® Protective Film will help protect all these surfaces and is usually machine applied at the Silkscreening companies that are fabricating these products. The masking can stay on during assembly.  (Remember to take it off when you install it at home!)


Nameplate and Silk screening - Silk screeners will print on various plastic sheet or film products that ultimately are used for control panel or touch screens on the faceplates of the various appliances. Both Nameplate manufacturers and Silk Screening companies are larger consumers of protective masking.