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Pack & Guard® Cohesive Packaging


3rd Party Fulfillment
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Online shopping is growing with the search engines of the world driving consumers to every product imaginable. More and more consumers are ditching the mega mall for the convenience of shopping online. Whether from your laptop or your iPhone, consumers have essentially any and every store or catalog at their  fingertips. As technology grows, the trend is continuing to move towards online shopping versus "brick & mortar" shopping every day. In order for this trend to continue, it is critical that the fulfillment of those goods gets faster and more cost effective.

In order to meet increased sales and get product into the hands of the consumer faster and more cost effectively. 3rd Party Fulfillment Centers have automated their packaging with the Pack And Guard® Automated Packaging System. 


Reduce labor costs

Increase through put

More efficient packages

Various package styles

Customizeable equipment

ROI in as low as 1 year


Metal Application
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Product Applications
PartsParts Packaging
Health Productshealth
DVDs & CDsdvds
Beauty Productsbeauty products

Inside the walls of fulfillment companies, you will find long lines of packaging stations responsible for packaging a variety of goods. Third Party Fulfillment companies make life easier for retail companies by taking care of the logistics of getting products to their customers. One fulfillment center can be the central hub through which all products are shipped.

Fulfillment centers are ideal candidates for the cohesive automation solution. By implementing the Pack & Guard® Automated Cohesive Solution, users can realize extraordinary time and cost savings. Below are a number of products that companies have packaged using this proven automated system.


Shirts & Apparel


Athletic Gear

Industrial Parts



Health Supplements

Replacement Parts


Automotive Parts & Accessories

Marketing & Literature

Cabinetry & Carpentry Parts

Promotional Items

DVDs & Video Games

Trim & Molding

Pipes & tubes

The list is endless. Contact our Packaging Automation Team to find out more!

Case Study
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When a third party fulfillment house grew to the point of max capacity, they had decisions to make. They could add on or buy another warehouse or turn away business. Then they discovered a different alternative, Pack & Guard® Packaging Automation.

By installing System Packaging 9000s that include the ability to scan a product, weigh it and label it with the appropriate shipping information, this fulfillment company increased its throughput and dramatically sped up operations.


Additional warehouse space is no longer needed and packages are are reaching customers faster than before.


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