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Research & Development:
Inventing New Solutions For Your Most Complex Surface and Process Requirements

Research & Development
Constantly Developing; Persistantly Improving


Surface Guard's Research & Development Team has custom formulated hundreds of adhesive systems for surfaces as familiar as painted metal to unique objects that are made up of multiple materials with varying textures and surface energy levels. Send in your surface or product you want to protect and we will find or develop the surface protection solution that will protect, endure & remove easily and cleanly when the time comes.


Research & Development

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When you start a project with Surface Guard, you start working with Research & Development. This group is actively involved in matching up the appropriate product with our customer's application. We perform rigorous testing with Surface Guard® products and customer substrates. We simulate to the best of our ability, the process that any given substrate will go through, from fabrication to shipping, in order to be sure that the right product has been recommended. In some cases, we invent new solutions to accomodate the needs of an individual company.

What to expect when you work with Surface Guard & Research and Development

- It all starts with our experienced sales representatives who will walk you through our Masking Evaluation process, gathering important information about the surface you want to protect. It is important for us to understand how you wish to apply it and what process and conditions the product will encounter after application.


- With the Masking Evalulation Form (MEF) completed, we will test various adhesive systems for compatability and functinoality in our lab, looking for proper adhesion values and clean removal.


- Product testing including accelerated aging & environmental testing


- Bottom line is that once we complete the testing, you should feel comfortable that you have the correct product for your application


- When the best solution has been identified, samples are sent to you for testing and we recommend a trial order before a stocking order is placed. Conservative? Yes! Once you go through this process with us you'll appreciate the care and professionalism of our approach.