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Add Surface Printing, Branding, or Instructions

Printing Capability
Demonstrate package ownership with up to 2 color printing


Adding print to protective packaging may seem like an expensive upgrade to many users. However, Surface Guard’s customers all across the United States and into international markets are upgrading their packaging products by adding print, whether it is surface protection products or protective packaging products used in automation. Companies that add their logo, brand name, installation or removal instructions make their products stand out in the crowd and achieve a higher level of perceived quality. Surface Guard has the in-house capability to print your protective packaging product in one color or two colors (dependant on quantity and design).



Printing on Film
Removal DirectionsCoated LDPE


Is it too costly to remind your customers of who you are? Advertising can constantly remind your customers who you are and how you bring value to their organization. If you stand behind your product’s quality, have your name printed on the package so they remember who to go to the next time they order. Whether it be a Pack & Guard® film package being opened for a new t-shirt or the protective film that is being pulled off a brand new granite counter top, don't miss the opportunity to advertise!

Installation Instructions

When is the last time you bought something and read the instruction manual? More often than not, the instruction sheets or books wind up in a landfill in the same condition they left the printing press. Having instructions printed on protective packaging is an effective way to provide accessible instructions for a society that “doesn’t have time to read the manual” or “can figure it out”. Remove all possibility of frustration with clear, concise and exposed instructions!

Removal Instructions

Adding removal instructions to Pack & Guard® Cohesive Film Packaging or to Surface Guard® Surface Protection provides easy removal guidelines for your end users. In some cases, it can also add liability removal! Don’t want to be responsible for damage from an improperly opened package? Worried that Surface Protection is going to be left on your product in an environment it is not meant for, for an extended period of time? Tell your end users how to remove it and when to remove it!

Printing on Single Face & Paper
Flood PrintingCoex Red/Silver
AdvertisingOrange Film
On the FlutesPrinted Wave Flute

Flood Printing

What? You don’t like the natural brown color of paper? Customize it! Surface Guard has the capability to flood print any paper product including paper, linerboard & single face. One of our most unique products uses the combination of flood coating and wave fluting. This is especially popular with our Pack & Guard® Cohesive Product line. Picture a bright vibrant package on your customers door step and passer byers knowing exactly where its from! That is brand recognition not to mention free advertising.


Have Surface Guard print your brand with a tag line on your packaging material. Add your website or unique selling proposition. Opportunities are endless with Surface Guard’s printing capabilities and adding your companies message on packaging or dunnage material is an easy way to ensure that your customer and everyone in between is learning who you are and what you are about. If you are shipping gold bars or other valuables and don't want your company identity on the outside of the package, print it on the inside of the package! We can do that!


Make it easy for your customers to open up your Pack & Guard® Cohesive Paper Based Package by adding a "Tear" or "Open Here" print. Or, provide a call to action for them to recycle the material and old products or drive them to your website. When the instructions are added to the packaging materials, your end users won’t miss them!