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Film Types
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At Surface Guard we are completely customer focused and have a wide range of films that we can coat to meet your specific surface protection need. Match these films with our adhesive systems and you can imagine we keep our R&D team pretty busy! Below is a listing of the different film types we coat and some common uses for each.



Standard Polyethylene Films
Wide Width RollsPolyethylene
LDPE CoatedCoated LDPE
Medium DensitySample Roll
Co-ExtrudedProtective masking
Blue Tinted FilmBlue Tinted
Strip/Lane CoatedStrip Coated
Custom CoExRed Film
Custom TintsGreen Tinted

Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)

Our most popular film is available in 1.0 mil to 10 mils. This film type is commonly used for general surface protection applications ranging from painted metal applications to window protection film. Common processing that this film can handle after application includes: Roll Forming, Stamping and Break Forming.

Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE)

Doing some die-cutting, sawing or routing die cutting? This film will process and cut better in these applications than most LDPE films. Applications include low pressure laminate and nameplate stock.

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

A stiffer, more brittle film with properties that allow it to cut easier with less stretch. HDPE is commonly used for applications that require cutting and engraving.

Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE)

For those that like to torture our surface protection films, this is your product. Superior elongation and tensile strength make this film well suited for light drawing applications, and severe roll forming applications. LLDPE also has superior puncture resistance and is also ideal for carpet masking applications.

Specialty Polyethylene Films
Orange TintedOrange Film
Solid Blue Blue
Yellow TintedOff the Slitter
Silver/WhiteSilver White
Linear Low Densityred
PerforatedWhite Print

Co-Extruded Films

Co-extrusion means that as the film is blown or extruded, more than one layer of film is extruded into the final product. Interesting performance characteristics can be achieved by doing this. For example: (a high density film core with two layers of Low Density on the outside give us the stiff film of HDPE with the formability characteristics of the LDPE film). Or how about a black and white film resistant to the sun's UV rays?


UV additive extruded right into the polyethylene film can give extra protection for outdoor applications while keeping the film from becoming brittle over time. Typical application: Window masking film or painted metal building panel applications.

Low Gel Count Films

Gels occur when the raw material polyethylene resin pellets are not fully melted in the extrusion process. Lower gel films can be used for more critical applications that may include high gloss soft surfaces that could potentially be damaged if a gel is pressed into the surface as it is applied, or in a tight wound roll or a heavy pallet of sheeted product.


Tinted films can be used for a variety of reasons. Sometimes just to remind your customers to remove it! Or if you are using more than one protective masking grade from us, it's a great way to distinguish grades to make sure the right grade is on the right surface!

Polypropylene Films & Adhesiveless Films

Polypropylene films

PP films can be used when the masking will be exposed to high temps. These films are stiffer, have better clarity, and will not expand or contract as much as our PE films. If you have an application where heat exposure is part of your or your customers' process consider this film option. These are ideal in optical film applications.


Specific Applications
TV/Computer Monitors

Display devices

Optical Films


Adhesiveless Films

We sell a very high quality 1 mil cast adhesiveless film that can be used in ultra high gloss surfaces that require ultra low tack films. This product is actually designed for optical applications and is a heat stable film that can also be used on optical films. Ask your sales rep about receiving a sample. Adhesiveless Films are not coated with any type of adhesive, yet by nature they adhere to smooth surfaces using a static like cling.