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Surface Guard's
Converting Capabilities
Gives You The Power Of

Converting Capabilities
Roll Size Customization begins and ends at the slitter


At Surface Guard we can supply you with rolls 1" wide up to 80" wide, and from 50' long up to 15,000' long, depending on mil thickness of the finished product. (Note: We can slit rolls under 1" depending on the product, so contact us for more details.) So go ahead.... Tell us what it is you want to protect (and how), and we will customize our product to fit your application. Click here to see our coating capabilities


Protective Film

What Converting Means
Ready To ConvertMaster Roll
Wide SlitConverted And Ready To Ship
Thin SlitThin Masking
Custom ColorsCustom Masking
Choose The SizeB Flute
Prepare For ShipConverted And Ready To Ship

Converting is how we take large rolls of material and customize them to meet our specific customer's requirements. We use state of the art equipment called slitters and rewinders. This equipment can unwind the film at high speeds, create extremely precise slits depending on the width requirements and, if requested, add perforations! And you thought we just used a miter saw! Proper rewind tension is maintained throughout the roll by our state of the art slitters and our experienced slitter operators.

Surface Guard® Protective Film & Pack & Guard® Cohesive Film Sizes

Roll Lengths: 50' up to 15,000'

Roll Widths: 1" min up to 80" max

Roll Perforating: 3" min up to 78" max

Perforation Direction: Horizontal or Vertical

Customized Slitting: Regular Wound or Reverse Wound

Pack & Guard® Cohesive Paper Products & Single Face Corrugated Sizes

Roll Lengths: 50' up to 1,000'

Roll Widths: 3" min up to 65" max (Polypaper 62" max)


Sheeting (Single Face Corrugated): Min 2" x 6" up to 50" x 50" max

Additional Product Add Ons

2 Color Printing or Flood Printing

Strip or Lane Coating

Easy open tear strip an tape (Pack & Guard® Cohesive Products)