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Constantly Striving To Provide The Most Effective and Innovative Adhesive & Cohesive Coatings

Surface Guard


Adhesive & Cohesive Coating Systems
Customized for maximum effectivity; evolving for perfection


Why do Surface Guard protective films seem to have just the right level of adhesion? And why does the Pack & Guard® Cohesive Product line seal securely without sticking to the product inside? These are the questions that our competitors keep asking. The answer: Surface Guard’s perpetual grasp for perfection. Our team of chemists and engineers are constantly searching for new and better mixology and process improvements. That is probably why every time you talk to us, we have a new product. You can stay posted on new adhesive and cohesive grades by joining our mailing list or checking back frequently.

As for now, read more about our adhesive & cohesive systems below.



Adhesive Coating Systems


Whether your application is calling for a light adhesion for a glossy coated plastic surface, or the high adhesion for carpeting, our water based adhesive systems can do it all.


At Surface Guard we work with many different U.S. based adhesive and chemical suppliers to keep up on the latest developments in our industry. Our research and development team custom formulates a different adhesive system for each unique surface. Where many players in our industry may rely on drums of a premixed adhesive, we use raw materials to control our costs and quality.

Just like films have varying mil thicknesses and densities, adhesives have varying levels of adhesion and varying removal properties.


Water Based Adhesive Vs. Solvent

Surface Guard® adhesive coated protective films are all water based adhesive systems. Water based systems offer several advantages over solvent based systems:
1) The use of water based systems allows manufacturers of these adhesives, during the coating and drying process, to significantly reduce emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC's) which cause pollution and are harmful for the environment.

 2) Using water based systems also reduces the amount of flammable solvents, which makes handling and mixing the products easier, not to mention safer for our employees.

 3) With the technological advances made with water based systems, the smooth buttery peel and most of the water resistance found in solvent based products can now be obtained using water based products.

 4) Water based systems are lower cost vs. solvent based systems.


Our water based systems utilize the most modern, up to date technology available today and we continue to develop new products using even newer technologies.

Cohesive Coating Systems


Most people know what adhesive is. However, many people are not as familiar with cohesive. Cohesive is a unique, water based latex coating that serves a much different purpose than adhesive. Where adhesive has the ability to stick to surfaces, cohesive has the ability NOT TO! The difference is that cohesive will stick to itself. This makes cohesive coated packaging material ideal for automated packaging as well as hand packaging. Surface Guard’s proprietary cohesive coating system is used on all of the Pack & Guard® Cohesive Products.