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Frequently Asked Questions
Quick answers to common questions


We have compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions. If you don't see yours please click here and submit your question.



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What products are available to sample?

We have an entire sample area stocked with many of our standard products. These products are shipped same day. If we don’t have what you need in stock, we will manufacture it for you.

How can I get a sample of one of your products?

Talk to your sales rep and he will make sure that we send you what you need for proper testing.

What dimensions do samples come in?

Standard protective film samples come in 100’ rolls up to 48” wide. Rolls or sheet samples can be send for our Cohesive Materials and Single Face Corrugated lines as well. Contact us for more information.

Quotes & Pricing

How soon can you get me a quote?

Our quotes are complete within 24 hours if all the necessary criteria are known. 

Do your prices include shipping?

Depending on the size of the order, we can include freight in the price. Shipping terms are detailed out under the pricing area of the quote.  

Do you take credit cards?

Credit cards are not accepted. We do accept cash and check. 

Lead Times and Order Minimums

What is your standard lead time

9 Working Days for all our standard products from single face corrugated to Surface Guard® Protective Film.

When does a lead time become not standard

Add ons such as material perforation or printing will add additional production days to your order.

 What is the minimum order?

Our minimum order for standard products is 25,000 square feet. Customizing the type of film or adding print can increase that minimum.

How many square feet is there on a roll?

Roll footage varies based on the length and width of the roll. By multiplying the width of the roll by the length of the roll, square footage per roll can be calculated. This will help you understand how many rolls are required for your order.

Surface Guard® Protective Film

Where are your Protective Film products manufactured?

All Surface Guard products are manufactured in our plant headquartered in Aurora, IL. We source our raw materials from domestic suppliers and support all United States manufacturers.

Does Surface Guard blow their own film?

Surface Guard sources its film from several different domestic sources. We specialize in the formulating and coating adhesive and cohesives.This allows us to offer the end user a wider variety of film options.

What is the difference between tape and protective film?

Looking for carton sealing tape? You won't find it here! our products are designed to be used as a temporary surface protection product and to remove cleanly. You can still call it tape, but we like to call it custom designed temporary surface protection. We will answer any additional questions you have. All you have to do is pick up the phone!

Do you have one protective film product that works for everything?

All of our products are custom made to specific surfaces. This is why we can confidently say that no residue will be left behind.

Why do I have to fill out a Masking Evaluation Form (MEF)?

Because every masking application can differ, We use the Masking Evaluation form to insure that your unique conditions including Surface/Fabrication/ Masked Product Storage and Shipping conditions are all accounted for in making an accurate product recommendation. This information is all considered to insure the most complete protection for your critical surfaces.

For more Protective Film Usage FAQ's, please see our Best Practices page.

Cohesive Products

What is the Shelf Life of Cohesive Coated Materials?

We guarantee our products for six months. Shelf life is determined by the storage environment and general stocking best practices. Extreme temperatures can significantly reduce the shelf life while proper temperature control can greatly extend the shelf life. Rotate stock on regular basis and store material away from direct sunlight, moisture and direct air flow.

How do I know if Cohesive Packaging will work for me?

Our product development team will evaluate your product and application and will discuss product options with you and whether automation makes sense for your situation. Contact us for more information.

Single Face Corrugated

Where are your paper products manufactured?

All Surface Guard products are manufactured in our plant headquartered in Aurora, IL. We source our raw materials from domestic suppliers and support all United States manufacturers.

Do you make C-Flute or Micro Flute

No. Our lowest profile material is E flute and Wave flute. In addition, We manufacture Jumbo, A and B flute.

What do you have in stock?

Surface Guard only stocks samples in order to send them out immediately for your testing. All other products are made to order guaranteeing their quality and freshness.

Adding Printing To Your Material

How many colors can you print

We have the capability to print up to 2 colors on film and up to 3 colors on paper. Print designs that incorporate 2-3 colors should be reviewed with your Surface Guard rep to ensure that the registration requirements can be met

What do I need to provide to add print to my project?

Every print job requires a print plate. Surface Guard works with a local print plate manufacturer that knows our business to make the appropriate print plate for your project.

How much does a print plate cost?

The cost of the print plate will vary on the dimension and design intricacies. After it is created, it can be used over and over again for all of your material needs. After the plate is created, Surface Guard will store it in their printing department for your future orders.

Does adding print to my order affect the minimum order requirements?

Adding print to your order will cause our minimum order requirements to increase to 60,000 SF.

Industry Terms: What's All This Jargon Mean?

What is a mil?

We measure all of our protective film products using mils or millimeters. Typical film thicknesses range from one to five (0.001" - 0.005").

What does MSF mean?

MSF refers to a quantity of material. M stands for thousand. SF stands for square feet. So MSF means thousand square feet.
Example: 25 MSF = 25,000 SF

What is an MEF?

MEF stands for Masking Evaluation Form. Before we supply any of our customers with Surface Guard® protective masking, we have our research and development team evaluate the surface that it will be applied to and the conditions that the film will be exposed to. Completing the MEF give our R&D the necessary information to conduct testing and recommend a product that will work!

What is a flute?

Flutes refer to the wavy part or corrugated part of single face material. When you look at a box, the flutes are covered on both sides by paper called the liner.

What is the medium?

The medium is the paper that is used to make up the flutes or corrugated part of material. The paper weight of the medium is the second number in a paper weight call out. i.e. 26/26.

How do I read paper weights?

Paper is measure by pounds per ream. Reams are 3,000lb. So for an example, our standard Wave Flute sheets are 26/26. That means that the paper used for both the liner and the corrugated medium are 26 pounds per thousand square feet or 78 pounds per ream!