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How Does a Manufacturer
of Protective Packaging

Help Sustain the Environment?

Environmental Sustainability
As a manufacturer, Surface Guard must be aware of environmental impact


There is no way around it, Surface Guard manufactures a product that is designed to protect a product until it has arrived at its final destination. Afterwards, it is disposed of or recycled. So how can a company that does this be green?

As it turns out, the solution is quite easy. We manufacture products that are either recyclable or have accelerated biodegradability. However, the products are just the beginning. Surface Guard uses several different procedures to preserve earth’s natural resources, reduce cost and join the growing number of United States manufacturers that are playing their part in reducing environmental impacts. Read how below.


Surface Guard's Environmental Impact

Raw Materials

For Surface Guard, considering the environment must start with the raw materials we are using. The majority of raw materials are delivered on pallets, which are recycled by the truckload. The paper products that we use contain a minimum of 5% post recycled content all the way up to 100% depending on the requirement. Plastic products are made from virgin materials to ensure high quality but are 100% recyclable. Adhesive and cohesive coatings are water based and biodegradable.

Manufacturing Process

If we were to use the same manufacturing systems that were in place 10 years ago, we would need an additional 100,000 SF of space requiring a significant increase in energy usage, chemicals & cleaners and waste. Fortunately, we have one of the best engineering teams in the industry. We maximize our space by achieving faster manufacturing speeds through proprietary manufacturing methods, using a lean manufacturing work flow and investing in employee knowledge. We have reduced the amount of waste that leaves our building by 80% over the past 5 years and have implemented recycling for every raw material that comes in the door. Surface Guard employees understand the importance of recycling and our environmental policies have facilitated




Green Products Available To You

Surface Guard® Protective Film

Be confident in knowing that after Surface Guard® Protective Film is used it can be recycled. Our customers are encouraged to participate in recycling programs to protect the environment and to cut waste at their faciliities. The adhesive systems that are used are water based and biodegradable. Many other companies use a solvent based adhesive system that contains harmful chemicals and substances. Surface Guard® Protective Film protects goods ranging from cell phone faces to refrigerators to sheet metal buildings. Without this protection, rework rates would increase, demanding more energy and resources.

Pack & Guard® Cohesive Packaging.

Seeking a packaging material that will earn you what UPS calls “Eco-Responsible Packaging”? Look no further than Pack & Guard®. Eliminate wasteful void fill. Get rid of foam usage. Air is for breathing not packaging. Pack & Guard® comes in rolls that are more dense that foam or bubble products. That equates to more product per truck and fewer shipments. Furthermore, Pack & Guard® Cohesive Products are recyclable!

Single Face Material

Single Face Material is a completely paper based product making it 100% recyclable. It provides cushioning in several applications and can replace environmentally harmful foam. Upon request, this can be manufactured from 100% recycled paper.

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