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About Surface Guard
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Surface Guard is a manufacturer of protective packaging and surface protection products. We are dedicated to quality and customer service. Our product lines are ever expanding as Research and Development seeks to address our customers changing needs and enter into new markets as technology continues to rapidly evolve.

What you can expect from working with Surface Guard:

1) Quality - it’s our top priority. The quality of our products reflects on your quality
2) Flexibility - What do you need? When do you need it? We can get it done!
3) Responsiveness - Your time is valuable. Expect prompt solutions.
4) Dependability - What we promise is what you will get.
5) Distribution - We work through distributors and will get you connected.
6) Product Development - Can’t find what you need? Let us create it!.

3rd Party FulfillmentABOUT
- Proven industry experience

- Committed to customer service

- Highly responsive lead times

- Guarnateed quality

Read what makes Surface Guard the company of choice across the industry

- Best customer service in the industry

- Same day quotes and samples

- No automated phone systems here!

- Instant access to expert answers

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Catalog RetailQUALITY (QMS)
- ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System

- Constant persuit of improvement

- Creating better products at lower costs


What are we doing to meet or exceed your expectations?

Book PublishersENVIRONMENT
- Responsible Manufacturing

- Waste management and recyclability

- Water based adhesive systems

- Eco friendly packaging

Find out what Surface Guard is doing to preserve forests and reduce landfill waste

- What are minimum orders?

- Who are our customers?

- Where can you buy our products?


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Research & Development FormulationResearch & Development
- Custom Adhesive Formulation

- Product Development

- On-site problem solving


What can our Research & Development group do for you?

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